Leonie gray


Leonie Gray, Montreal's R&B/Soul singer-songwriter grew up in a very artistic and creative household. Her vocal qualities are versatile, gentle as well as powerful. Her compositions are tinted with themes like self-growth, mental health, relationships, and feminism. Her songs portrait vulnerability and empathy, in order to communicate her emotions and reality.

in 2018, she releases "Eliana's Poison", "A Night at Honey's" and "GROWTH", to continue with "Sensitive" in April 2019, an Ep written, composed and produced by herself. 

She shares the stage alongside artists such at Morcheeba, Milk&Bone, Beyries, Karim Ouellet, Sarahmée and France D'Amour.

She plays at International Jazz Festival of Montréal in 2019, at MTelus and CBC Stage. She also performs her new material at several festivals such as Santa Teresa, Pop Montréal, Terrasses Open, Artéfact and Foque OFF.